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Online Meditation Groups

Online groups are a good alternative for those that don't have possibility to join a "physical" group. This idea is growing fast in our Community, you just need a computer with webcam and a good internet connection

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Fr Denis Mahony passed away

Fr Denis Mahony SM, the WCCM Coordinator in Fiji, died peacefully on 26 April. He was 73 and had lived courageously with cancer for a long time and had arrived at a stage of deep peace and joy even in the face of suffering. His love of Christian meditation led him to a remarkable ministry of sharing it with Fijians of all ages and backgrounds. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of his teaching meditation was with children and it is among them that his memory and influence will be felt most deeply and be passed on to future generations.

Sr Denise who has worked closely with Fr Denis for many years describes the experience of losing a friend and teacher of such magnitude.

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Live Webcast from the Holy Week Retreat

Bere Island, Ireland

From Palm Sunday 24th to Easter Sunday 31st March

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Everyone can submit comments on the box under the webcast player. No account required. Click on "Read more" to see recent comments.

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John Main Collected Talks In the Beginning

In the Beginning is the eighth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. John Main teaches meditation as a simple but demanding discipline, and advises the beginner to simply begin, and persevere. All that matters is to be on the way and to be faithful to the daily practice.




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John Main Collected Talks Door to Silence

Door to Silence is the seventh of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. John Main saw meditation as opening us to the experience of “being”, which is the right basis of all right action and healthy living. As we are slowly transformed by knowing God’s presence within, we begin to see ourselves and others in a new light.




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John Main Collected Talks Word Made Flesh

Word Made Flesh is the sixth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. For John Main, meditation was a supremely incarnate way of prayer, leading the person as a whole into wholeness, into a harmony of body, mind and spirit.






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John Main Collected Talks The Heart of Creation

The Heart of Creation is the fifth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. The talks were given to meditation groups meeting each week at the Priory in Montreal. John Main is a teacher in the apophatic tradition of imageless, non-conceptual prayer. This form of pure prayer transcends all thought and imagination – not looking at God, but into God.



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John Main Collected Talks The Way of Unknowing

The Way of Unknowing is the fourth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. Listening attentively to his voice prepares you for the silence and stillness of meditation. These talks were designed to introduce meditation to peo- ple for the first time, and also to encourage people already meditating to deepen their regular practice.



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