Christian Meditation and Mental Health Questionnaire


Introduction to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire
Dear Friends

We are now in the follow-up to our first Meditatio Seminar on meditation and children led by three dedicated meditators from Australia and the UK. It was inspiring and moving, a success at every level - thanks to good organisation, excellent presenters and the very evident need for what was being presented - and the enthusiasm of our audiences, the teachers concerned for the well-being of children in our pressured and unbalanced world.

The follow-up to each of the Meditatio Seminars will ensure that we can share the fruits of the Seminar around the community worldwide .

The second Meditatio Seminar, which will be on meditation and mental health, will be held in London 4th and 5th May 2011. In preparation for this we would like to invite all meditators - who wish to do so - to make your personal contribution by filling out and returning the enclosed questionnaire. (The contents will, of course, be anonymous and confidential.) Our concern is to be able to show research from those who meditate with a spiritual approach to meditation. We are not competing with the extensive secular research but we do want to contribute the important insight that in addition to the physical and psychological benefits there are also spiritual fruits to the practice of meditation.

I think you will also find the questionnaire interesting for you to fill out, at least I found it so! Your ten or fifteen minutes on it will be a real contribution to our clarity of thinking on this topic and help us all see more clearly how the spiritual and the secular can work together in a modern society. Thank you for taking the time to be part of Meditatio - the outreach of our community - in this way.

Every blessing and good wish, 

Laurence Freeman OSB




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