The Good Heart

The year one of the world's most beloved spiritual teachers, the Dalai Lama, first prayed in Jerusalem and Lourdes as an interfaith pilgrim, 1994 was also the year when he led an historic discussion, "The Good Heart", for the tenth annual John Main Seminar in London.

At the seminar, the World community for Christian Meditation brought Christians and Buddhists together to experience enlightened dialogue between religions, conducted with respect, reverence, humility, humor and the spirit of friendship. And for the first time, the Dalai Lama commented extensively on the Christian Gospels as a Buddhist monk, establishing a model for all future dialogue between the World's religions.

In this unprecedented video series, the Dalai Lama examines well-known passages from each of the four Christian Gospels, providing a unique reading of these familiar sources of faith. He insists on the need to see the fundamental differences between Buddhism and Christianity, such as over the idea of God. But he also highlights the "striking similarities and parallels" between the lives of the founders, their teachings on non-violence and the progressive stages of spiritual development.


Day Four: St. John's Gospel: On the fourth day of the 1994 John Main Seminar, His Holiness reads from Chapter 12 of the Gospel according to St. John, elaborating on Faith in Jesus, and from Chapter 20, The Resurrection. A panel discussion follows the Dalai Lama's comments, and highlights from the corresponding Interfaith Festival and featured.