Meditatio Seminar launches proposed course on Meditation at Georgetown University

For the past year, Meditatio, the outreach of the The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) has been collaborating with the Georgetown McDonough School of Business in introducing meditation to MBA students.

On Tuesday 9th April, this collaboration reached a new level with the seminar Leading from the Center. The Seminar focused on how the practice of meditation enhances the professional effectiveness of leaders and also how it helps develop an ethical culture in finance and business.


Above: Dean of the Business School, David Thomas, formerly of the Harvard Business School, welcomed the three speakers and affirmed the School's commitment to teaching meditation in its academic curriculum.

The speakers were Sean Hagan, (General Counsel of the IMF), Ray Dalio (Founder of Bridgewater Associates) and Laurence Freeman OSB (Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation).  

A for-credit course on this theme, supporting students to develop a personal practice of meditation, will be introduced into the McDonough School in 2014. It will be taught by Laurence Freeman and will include successful financial and business leaders as guest speakers and mentors in meditation to the students.


“The interest in this event shown by students at the Business School, Georgetown faculty and people in business has been really very encouraging. There seems to be a shift in values trying to take place in the business and professional worlds today. If this is to happen the shift must be personal as well as institutional - hence the need for meditation to make it work. I was inspired by Ray Dalio and Sean Hagan who each made an impressive witness to the place of meditation in maintaining the balance and sense of depth in their lives". (Laurence Freeman)

"For someone like me who already meditates regularly, the event was a great source of additional motivation to continue on the journey. The 3 different experiences we heard from Fr. Laurence, Ray Dalio and Sean Hagan show how much meditation can transform someone's life. Although it's more obvious for Fr. Laurence as a monk, it's enlightening to hear how meditation has played a main role in Sean and Ray business lives. Their testimonials are very concrete and practical and it was clear with all the questions they had at the end that the audience was intrigued  and curious to know more." (Bertrand Bouhour, Systar Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer).