WCCM Trinidad starts a TV series on Christian Meditation

The community in Trinidad, lead by Sr. Ruth Montrichard SJC, started a series on Trinity TV called Christian Meditation: Prayer of the Heart. The first programme, broadcasted in January, brought an interview with some leaders of WCCM-TT (Trinidad & Tobago): Sr. Ruth, Suzanne Dowdy and Judy McSween. The presenter is Michele Jodhan, also a member of the community's leadership team. 
You can watch the programme live at Trinity TV though this link: http://www.livestream.com/itrinitytv

Below, the schedule of the next episodes:

Essential Teaching:  February 4 (8h30PM, Trinidad Time), February 12 (7AM, Trinidad Time)

Meditation Creates Community: February 18 (8h30PM, Trinidad Time),  February 26 (7AM, Trinidad Time)

Wheel of Prayer: March 4 (8h30PM, Trinidad Time), March 12 (7AM, Trinidad Time)

Caribbean Outreach, Interview with Bishop Jason March 18 (8h30PM, Trinidad Time), March 26  (7AM, Trinidad Time)

Levels of Consciousness: April 1st (8h30PM, Trinidad Time), April 9  (7AM, Trinidad Time)

You will be able to watch the videos os the episodes in our YouTube Channel
  • Place: Trinidad
  • Date: January 2014