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Meditation, in the Christian tradition - contemplation, the prayer of the Heart - is forming a world wide community. 

Our website welcomes you to this community. You can learn here about the tradition, how to meditate, how to find a local weekly group, where to go on a Christian meditation retreat, browse our audio and video channels, get books, DVDs, and weekly resources.

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Justice - a Meditatio Seminar


In a society that is increasingly dependent on legislation to define its values and run its institutions, what is happening to justice? How do we know what is the right thing to do? How do we handle conflict with those who think differently from ourselves? How do we deal with people who do wrong things? The answers to these questions not only take us to the heart of our legal and social systems but to the heart of our very selves. This Meditatio Seminar will explore the spiritual dimension of justice revealed in all these responses.

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Meditators' Blog 11/6/2013

 by Anne McDonnel
‘To see a world in a grain of sand. And heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour.’ From Augaries of Innocence, William Blake.

I have just returned from a week in the Isles of Scilly. This is a special place for Mark and I as we have returned to it repeatedly over the years finding it’s natural beauty a constant source of inspiration.

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Entering into Silent Prayer: watch the talks of Jean Vanier and Laurence Freeman


Entering into Silent Prayer: with Jean Vanier and Laurence Freeman

The founder of L'Arche and the director of WCCM led the retreat

You can watch all the videos in our YouTube Channel

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The Music Project

The Music Project is being led by Michael Rathbone and Vincent Bonelli, in London. The idea is to invite people from the Community around the world to contribute music and make a CD.


Would you like to be part of this project? We suggest you to send your song file to music@wccm.org with the lyric and a description of yourself in your connection with the Community.



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John Main Collected Talks

The Collected Talks of John Main make available to people today the unique and transforming power of his oral teaching. The best form of a spiritual teaching has always been the spoken word. These talks were the first phase of what later became The World Community for Christian Meditation, the global contemplative family that continues to grow through the inspiration of his teaching. Each of the eight sets of the Collected Talks is published as a book with the same title.


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John Main Seminar 2013

Desert Wisdom & Oriental Spirituality : Inner Silence

Led by Joseph Wong OSB
Pre-Seminar retreat led by Laurence Freeman OSB
Hong Kong September 16-25, 2013

The practice of Christian meditation taught by John Main can be traced back to the Desert Fathers, in their effort to achieve inner silence and thereby union with God through purity of heart and unceasing prayer. The contemplative-prophetic spirituality of our time is a development from this tradition. Joseph Wong will explore this ancient wisdom, showing its affinity with some Buddhist practices and indicating its contemporary relevance.

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New Meditatio Resources now available

Check out the new resources on Meditatio Store!

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