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Peace and Justice Pages adds focus on Sustainability by Janet O’Sullivan


IIn this 20th Anniversary year for the WCCM, the peace and justice pages of the web site will be undergoing a new phase and we invite your participation/contribution.  Meditatio is bringing a new stage of outreach to the community and we would like to highlight some the fruits of meditation which meditators are bringing to the work of peace and justice in the world through  practical works of compassion and prophecy.

When we actually experience our interconnectedness ,first with the divine within , and then with all creation, we can   come to a new understanding of our potential, as channels of God’s love, to take part in the self healing of the world. As John Main said “We find Christ in our hearts and then we find ourselves in  Him, and in Him, in all creation” 

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A WCCM Oblate's Call for Peacemakers


Quoting that most wonderful Hindu-Christian Mystic,  Mohandas Gandhi ,  “Peace has to be the path to peace. Violence will never be the path to peace”.   Jesus said   “ Love thine  enemy! “. And The Compassionate Buddha said that hatred will never put an end to hatred. Only love and nonhatred can stop the violence and greed both in our own hearts and in those of others.

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Dr. Pierre Takes Meditation to the Poor in Haiti

Tablet - November 2011


This year in my role in The World Community for Christian Meditation I have been meeting with our national coordinators in six regions of the globe. We began with South East Asia and the Pacific in January followed by meetings in  three European regions. We have just finished the regional meeting with N. America, Mexico, Haiti  and the Caribbean countries and I move on now to the last of this series in S. America.
There are meetings. And there are meetings.

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CHRISTIAN MEDITATION For Vulnerable Communities


Offering Christian Meditation in a Way that is Inclusive of those with Addictions and Mental Illness

Collaboratively written by:

Kathy Coyne, Canada

Terry Doyle, UK

Jeff Ewener, Canada

Pat McSherry, Canada

Michele O’Brien. Ireland


Increasingly, addiction recovery programs and mental health counsellors are encouraging people in recovery to try daily meditation as a way to maintain balance and calmness under sometimes chaotic conditions. Christian Meditation offers a meaningful option for Christians who want to meditate in a way that resonates with their own faith tradition.

However, meditation groups are not always well prepared to "welcome the stranger,’ especially someone whose life circumstance may be different than theirs. Some of us who run groups for people with mental illness and addictions have come up with a list of tips to help you make your groups a comfortable place for everyone.

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Veterans' Day 2011-- A note from Pax Christi USA


Most celebrate November 11th as Veteran's Day, but it is also the feast of St Martin of Tours. This fourth-century bishop is often touted as a patron of warriors, but his actions tell a different story. Two years after his baptism, Martin, a Roman cavalryman, had an epiphany before a battle: "I am a soldier of Christ," he said, "I cannot fight." He was jailed for his objection, even though he volunteered to go to the front lines naked to prove his devotion.

In many periods, this saint's history has been remolded to glorify the soldier's role in the Christian state, most prominently in France during 19th and 20th century Republican campaigns. But this Veteran's Day, Pax Christi USA points to Veterans for Peace and their much closer likeness to the conscientious, unpopular peace witness of St Martin.

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‘ Compassion’ is the most frequently occurring word in the Qur’an. Each of its 114 chapters, with the exception of the 9th, begins with the invocation ‘In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful…’ yet a great deal of the escalating violence and terrorism that we are living with today can be attributed to Muslims. How can we come to terms with this obvious contradiction?

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"What's happening in Thailand" | May 18, 2010

Father Laurence and the WCCM Community join our brothers and sisters in Thailand in praying that the violent civil unrest in their once peaceful country is resolved soon, and without further loss of life. We know that the meditation practice and the mantra will carry the Thai community through this difficult time, and we invite meditators to share their contemplative response to the situation. Please send comments for posting on the Peace & Justice pages to
From: Na Tasukon
Dear Friends,

I thought I would take this example to update you all on what's happening in Thailand.

Firstly, I am fine and safe as I live in a different part of the city, a fair distance from where these clashes are happening. However, the violence is indeed located in the very heart of Bangkok's prime financial and commercial district.

It is strange for someone like me now, having lived nearly my entire life abroad and immersed in international media, always wondering about the violence and devastation I saw on TV in other countries, wondering as to what people were enduring in this or that faraway country. I have seen rocks being thrown in the middle east, explosions in africa and riots in central america. I always said to myself 'how awful'.

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