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Justice - a Meditatio Seminar


In a society that is increasingly dependent on legislation to define its values and run its institutions, what is happening to justice? How do we know what is the right thing to do? How do we handle conflict with those who think differently from ourselves? How do we deal with people who do wrong things? The answers to these questions not only take us to the heart of our legal and social systems but to the heart of our very selves. This Meditatio Seminar will explore the spiritual dimension of justice revealed in all these responses.

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Entering into Silent Prayer: watch the talks of Jean Vanier and Laurence Freeman


Entering into Silent Prayer: with Jean Vanier and Laurence Freeman

The founder of L'Arche and the director of WCCM led the retreat

You can watch all the videos in our YouTube Channel

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Laurence Freeman on CBC Radio, Canada

Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB participated at the radio program Tapestry (CBC Radio Canada). The theme of the episode, led by the journalist Mary Hynes was "Crazy Busy! Do we really need to be as busy as we think?". 

The program can be listened (and also downloaded) HERE

They made also a video with a basic introduction on meditation by Laurence:

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Silence in the City with subtitles in seven languages

Probably mostly people already know the video Silence in the City - Young Christian Meditators' Stories (A short film about Christian Meditation by Claire Morgan, from Australia).

So, the good news about it is that we have been able to subtitled the video in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. We are very grateful with all volunteers that have been collaborating.


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Live Streaming Troubleshooting

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  • If you hear an echo or the audio coming one or more times, it's likely you did leave open other browser tab or windos displaying the video player. Since the playback is starting automatically, these other windows could be streaming together in the same time. Be sure you left none of them open beyond the one you are watching.
  • Should your video hang, try reloading the page.
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Christmas 2011 - Laurence Freeman

Talk by Laurence Freeman OSB in preparation for Christmas 2011, the Benedictine Center for Spirituality in London

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FB Meditatio Store

Welcome to the Meditatio page where you can view online or download videos of our Seminars and other events in a high-definition medium. In time we will be adding further content and facilities. To begin, we are offering the major talks from the groundbreaking Meditatio Seminar on Mental Health and Meditation and the Meditation with Children Seminar. 

Meditatio Seminars, together with our technology development and the formation of young meditators for spiritual leadership, are an important aspect of this new outreach of The World Community for Christian Meditation. I hope you find the following resources both useful in your work and personally enriching for your journey.

Laurence Freeman OSB

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