School of Meditation Weekly Teachings

Weekly Teachings 30/6/2013

Divine Reality

Bede Griffiths called John Main “the most important spiritual guide in the Church to day”. This accolade does not just refer to his teaching on meditation, but also to his essential theology, which supports this way of prayer.

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Weekly Teachings 23/6/2013

Meditation and Lectio Divina

Our tradition is based on the teaching of Jesus and how that was lived by the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the 4th century.

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Weekly Teachings 16/6/2013

The Desert and the Stream

The spiritual path moves through self-knowledge to knowledge of God, as we have already heard in the words of many a mystic or spiritual teacher.

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Weekly Teachings 9/6/2013

Love and forgiveness

We too feel very reluctant like the Stream in the story ‘The Desert and the Stream’ to let go of our image of who we think we are and of our own idea about our role in life. What makes us so reluctant?

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Weekly Teachings 2/6/2013

The Kingdom of God

The quality essential to true meditation, contemplative prayer, is surrender. It is a question of renouncing thoughts, imagination and images. In doing so we let go of the past and the future – our memories that have moulded us and our hopes, desires and fears that shape our future.

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Weekly Teachings 26/5/2013

Integration of two ways of being

Last week we looked at the meaning of the Kingdom. Laurence Freeman in his book ‘Jesus, the Teacher Within’ states: “The Kingdom is freedom from all inner and outer domination: ‘the glorious liberty of the children of God’.

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Weekly Teachings 19/5/2013

The essential human condition

The state of being in the Presence of God, in the Kingdom, is an inborn human capacity. Everyone can pass through the narrow gate of attention and faith

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Weekly Teachings 12/5/2013

Meditation in the Christian Tradition

As it is a human quality to be able to switch into different modes of being, many of the things I have said apply not only to meditation in the Christian tradition but also to the form of silent, attentive prayer as found in other main religious traditions.

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Weekly Teachings 5/5/2013

The importance of being rooted in a tradition

We live in an exciting age, when the teachings of the great world religions and wisdom traditions are available to all in books, through teachers or the Internet.

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Weekly Teachings 28/4/2013

Self-knowledge as first step towards the Divine

The importance of having a spiritual guide when venturing into the silence cannot be overestimated. In the Christian tradition Jesus is our anchor as well as our door into the spiritual realm.

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