Bere Island Ten Day Silent Retreat Ireland, September 14-24 2011

A ten day meditation retreat was held on Bere Island, with a daily teaching by Fr Laurence. The theme is Celtic Christianity and its impact on our daily practice today - topics include the role of the 'anamchara' or soul-friend and our relationship with the natural world.

The videos of the talks are on our YouTube channel and the links are displayed below on this page. (click "Read more" if you don't see the links)











This is wonderful. I was born in Clare and live in Cornwall UK now.

Bere Island and surrounding area is a place I visited many times whe I was younger and this is a wonderful way of going home to my roots to renew my weary spirit and replenish it from the deep wells of Celtic spirituality

Brilliant !

I have put a link to it on my blog too.