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Welcome to the Meditatio page where you can view online or download videos of our Seminars and other events in a high-definition medium. In time we will be adding further content and facilities. To begin, we are offering the major talks from the groundbreaking Meditatio Seminar on Mental Health and Meditation and the Meditation with Children Seminar. 

Meditatio Seminars, together with our technology development and the formation of young meditators for spiritual leadership, are an important aspect of this new outreach of The World Community for Christian Meditation. I hope you find the following resources both useful in your work and personally enriching for your journey.

Laurence Freeman OSB

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Meditatio Seminar: Meditation and Mental Health Videos

The seminar covered a broad range of perspectives as you can see from the choices listed and described below and viewed together they constitute a stimulating new way of seeing this important contemporary concern about our mental health.


Meditatio Seminar: Meditation With Children Videos

Children have a natural capacity for meditation. They enjoy it and show the benefits. How can we make this spiritual practice and universal life-skill more available promoting growth of the whole child? Meditatio presents a seminar to teachers, parents and all those involved in the faith dimension of education for children. The presenters will address the spiritual, psychological and pratical aspects of introducing Christian Meditation to children and teachers

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