John Main Seminar 2012 in Brazil

Since 1983 The John Main Seminar has been the annual international gathering of The WCCM. In 2012, for the first time, it was held in Latin America  - in Brazil - and addressed the spiritual implications of the global environmental crisis. Leonardo Boff and Frei Betto OP were the speakers. The Seminar was preceded by a retreat led by Laurence Freeman OSB. After the Seminar a group of the participants made a pilgrimage to the Iguacu Falls.

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VÍDEO:  All the talks of the pre-seminar retreat are now available online with consecutive translation into portuguese (HERE). 

VÍDEO: "Mysticism Can Heal the Planet" says Leonardo Boff, speaker at John Main Seminar 2012, in Brazil. Click HERE to watch an interview with the theologian (with english subtitles: you should "turn on captions").

MEDITATIO PODCAST: click HERE to listen an special edition

Click HERE to see photos of the John Main Seminar and HERE to see photos of the pre-seminar retreat.