Meditatio CD Transcripts

Four times a year a Meditatio CD is sent to all Christian Meditation groups around the world. Below are the transcripts of these talks which come from different teachers in the community. To receive this quarterly CD pleaee contact your National Coordinator or the International Ofice in London

2005 Fr. Laurence Freeman: Series A | Series B | Series C | Series D

2006 Fr. Gerry Pierse: Series A | Series B | Series C | Series D

2007 Fr. Bede Griffiths: Series A | John Main: Series B | Fr. Laurence Freeman: Series C | Fr. Thomas Keating: Series D

2008 Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB: Series A | Series B | Series C (David Wood)Series D (Peter Ng) PDF

2009 Eileen O'Hea CSJ: Series A | Laurence Freeman OSB: Series B | John Main OSB: Series C | Frans De Ridder CICM: Series D

2010 Laurence Freeman: Series A (Booklet Edition) - (Reading Edition) | Series B (Booklet Edition) - (Reading Edition) | Series C (Rev. Glenda Meakin) (Booklet Edition) - (Reading Edition)

2010 D - Letting Go - JPereira ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2011 Kim Nataraja: Series A (Booklet Edition) - (Reading Edition) | Laurence Freeman: Series B (Booklet Edition) - (Reading Edition)

2011 Laurence Freeman OSB: Map of the Journey - Series C (Booklet Edition) - (Reading Edition)

2011 John Main: Fully Alive Series -D · OCT - DEC (Booklet Edition) - (Reading Edition)

2012 Laurence Freeman OSB: Meditation With Children: Talk Series 2012 - A · JAN - MAR (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2012 Laurence Freeman OSB: Contemplative Dimension of Faith 2012 - B ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2012 Jon Main OSB C Twelve Talks for Meditators ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2012John Main OSB & Laurence Freeman OSB D Questions on Meditation ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2013 Laurence Freeman and the Dalai Lama A Jan-March Jesus & Buddha ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2013 Liz Watson B Images of Meditation ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2013 Laurence Freeman OSB C Meditating as a Christian ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2013 Laurence Freeman OSB D Aspects of Love ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2014 Laurence Freeman OSB D Aspects of Love 2·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2014 Laurence Freeman OSB B Aspects of Love 3·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2014 John Main OSB Awakening·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2014 John Main OSB Awakening 2 ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition)

2015 Laurence Freeman OSB Health & Wholeness ·  (Booklet Edition) - (Master Edition(MP3 Files)