Meditation Groups


The essential way to teach others how to pray is to pray with them....In contact with others we awaken to the deeper truth of our being and so we learn to travel beyond ourselves. That is why meditating regularly, whether daily or weekly, with the same community, is such a source of sustenance to our pilgrimage. ("The Present Christ" John Main")


People often ask is it better to meditate alone or in a group? In fact the two experiences are like the two sides of the same coin. Meditation is solitary in the sense that I can’t meditate for you and you can’t meditate for me.

But we can meditate together. This is one way into the deeper meaning of meditation and the sense of connectedness and community that it leads us to discover.

For this reason meditation groups have formed around the world. They meet in churches, homes, schools, hospitals, universities, prisons and places of work. The group is an ideal way to get introduced to meditation and also to sustain your own daily practice.

Each group has its own personality but follows a simple common structure:

  • a teaching on meditation to remind us of the simplicity of the practice
  • a meditation period of about 30 minutes in silence
  • a time for sharing or questions

The book "A Pearl of Great Price" describes the purpose of the meditation group and advice on how to start one. HERE you can download the book in Microsoft Word format


Finding a Christian Meditation Group

If you would like to find a group near you can contact your national coordinator from the list on this page or on the International Directory of Groups [PDF] that is updated regularly.


Meditation group leaders are invited to submit a profile and photo of their group


Read a PDF version of Paul Harris's very popular book "Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Meditation"


For further reflections on the Christian Meditation Group by Paul Harris, a group leader from Ottawa, Canada who has helped form many groups around the world, read WHAT HAPPENS AT THE WEEKLY GROUP MEETING? [PDF version here.] Also:

"Ten Tips on How to Lead a Meditation Group" by Paul Harris [PDF]

"The Role of the WCCM Regional Coordinator" by Paul Harris [PDF]