Meditator as Activist

This photo shows Paul Harris, former Canadian Christian Meditation coordinator, author and speaker, demonstrating at an Arms Show in Ottawa, Canada. Paul points out that contemplative prayer and action in the world around us, are both sides of the same coin. Says Paul: " This mixed life of prayer and action were chosen by Jesus himself who taught, preached and healed, while devoting so much time to prayer."
Thomas Merton, author of "Seeds of Contemplation", also pointed out that" true prayer must lead us outwards to others". Merton says that if we experience God in silent prayer, we experience him not for ourselves alone, but also for others. As Merton saw it contemplation at its highest intensity becomes a reservoir of spiritual vitality that pours itself out in varied kinds of peace and justice issues and involvement. Hence Merton, from his monastery, became deeply involved in racial equality and peace issues(Vietnam war) of his day