A Meditator's Efforts at Peacemaking in Afghanistan



It seems the only news from Afghanistan is bleak, so it's not surpising we ask the question, is their any hope for this country?

Australian Christian Meditator and peace activist, Donna Mulhearn visited Afghanistan last year at the invitation of the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, an amazing group of young people exploring nonviolent solutions to the situation around them in the spirit of Gandhi and Jesus.

She shares her experience in the blog. www.pilgriminkabul.wordpress.com  

For further information on the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers or to join in their monthly Global Day of Listening Skype calls see


Donna plans to return to Afghanistan later in 2012 to support the AYPV in their action on the International Day of Human Rights, December 10, in remembering those who have lost their lives in 30 years of wars in Afghanistan by lighting 2 million candles all over the world, to support this action see, http://ourjourneytosmile.com/blog/actions-in-2012/