Monte Oliveto Retreat June 9-16 2012

The Book of the Heart - Stages of Contemplation

The essential nature of the human journey is like meditation: it cannot be analysed or measured. Ends and beginnings meet and cycles of growth make for fresh change and development.  But we need a sense of the journey and its main stages in order to make meaning of our lives and to endure their dark nights.

The theme of this year's Monte Oliveto retreat explores how we can perceive what is happening on the inner journey and how this can bring us to self-knowledge, true personal freedom and the confidence to love.

Using traditional imagery such as the Ars Contemplativa figures at Chartres Cathedral as well as contemporary psychological insights Fr Laurence's talks - together with the unique atmosphere of beauty, peace, silence and community which have come to characterise the Monte Oliveto annual retreat - present a special opportunity to grow in wisdom and peace by understanding what the journey of our life is and what it means.

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