The Music Project

The Music Project is being led by Michael Rathbone and Vincent Bonelli, in London. The idea is to invite people from the Community around the world to contribute music and make a CD.


Would you like to be part of this project? We suggest you to send your song file to with the lyric and a description of yourself in your connection with the Community.




"I've been involved with community music projects, helping young people to find their creative voice through playing music, performing, and writing and recording songs together. I believe that we recreate the music we hear in our own heads, and so in fact, we are all accomplished musicians of a kind, playing and listening to the instruments of our own being.

We want to invite members of the community and beyond, from around the world to join us in sharing our heart's often incomprehensible and always incomparable message, through music, whether it be singing, playing an instrument solo or as part of a group, whether electronic, acoustic, experimental, traditional... we wish to spread our message and share in the mystery of language and love that is our common inheritance - to open the door to the unknown, and provide welcome, encouragement and practical support along the path."


"Well, I sing, write songs all the time. Some are romantic, some spiritual, most are both! I play regularly in bars in London, often trying out news songs. It’s fantastic to be a part of WCCM and be able to write and play for people. It’s very special for me to try to write something that touches people and that they like to hear. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a welcoming, dynamic Christian and spiritual community.

At the moment I am working on a music project with Michael in the house in Hamilton Rd, Ealing, London. We have recorded some songs and would like to invite other musicians to add whatever they would like to these. We would love people to contribute their own music too, so that we can promote some great sounds throughout the community and beyond"!
Below you can listen to some songs of our project: