The New WCCM App



Why this app? We created the WCCM App with our community of meditators in mind. We wanted to make sure that anyone new to meditation as well as anyone who’s been meditating for some time could find a gateway of resources from the World Community for Christian Meditation. We wanted to offer an easy to navigate app with the most up-to-date resources and useful links to the World Community for Christian Meditation websites. 

With the recent update, we’ve added six bells options, like the Divine Himalayan Bowl or the Fr Laurence personal bowl. You can now browse WCCM news and have access to a diversity of resources such as the Daily Wisdom to get your drops of the teaching everyday, John Main talks for personal or group meditation and the WCCM podcast, Contemplative Revolution. From the app, you can also access the Online Courses and join an Online Meditation Group. You can navigate the latest monthly news from the community. 

Here are some of the feedback we received on the app: 

‘I use the (WCCM) app every day to meditate for 10-20 minutes. It has increased my ability to focus on one task at a time, be a better listener, and cancel out extraneous stimuli that distract me from my daily goals. I’m more deliberate in my actions, and I'm discovering that I feel more gratified in life.' (IOS user) 


‘Great app, runs well. One stop for all that is The WCCM.’ (Android user)


To download the Android version click HERE



To download the IOS (Apple) version click HERE



This resource is provided free. If you would like to support our mission to communicate and nurture meditation in the Christian tradition as passed on through the teaching of John Main OSB, please contribute here: