Peace and Justice Pages adds focus on Sustainability by Janet O’Sullivan


IIn this 20th Anniversary year for the WCCM, the peace and justice pages of the web site will be undergoing a new phase and we invite your participation/contribution.  Meditatio is bringing a new stage of outreach to the community and we would like to highlight some the fruits of meditation which meditators are bringing to the work of peace and justice in the world through  practical works of compassion and prophecy.

When we actually experience our interconnectedness ,first with the divine within , and then with all creation, we can   come to a new understanding of our potential, as channels of God’s love, to take part in the self healing of the world. As John Main said “We find Christ in our hearts and then we find ourselves in  Him, and in Him, in all creation” 

More and  more we see the failures of politics and global powers to deal with the issues of creating a more peaceful, just and  sustainable world.  More and  more we understand that transformation needs to begin within and that the spiritual dimension is often lacking in debates as to what can bring about transformation. 

As  Fth Laurence  said “the contribution of spiritual communities is the simple wisdom that social balance and growth cannot be separated from the personal dimension of our search for integrity and health of soul”(NL July 2011)

We are facing challenging times, and as a spiritual community we are called to a new consciousness  as we  encounter the  problems of the world-  to offer hope in a new creation based on love and our common unity, to be prophetic witnesses to gospel truths.  To ask the  radical questions of quality of life, sharing of resources, inequality,  our common good, our oneness with all of creation.  Facing our need to address  sustainability on a finite planet  as a  social justice issue  as well as an environmental  one  adds  a further  dimension to  issues of peace and justice.

 The JMS in  August  2012  in Brazil , “Spirituality and the Environment”,  will be  significant  in focusing on these issues.  It will be  led by Leonardo Boff , and  theologian, philosopher and political activist activist, Frei Betto .   Leonardo Boff  is  one of the leading voices in the  fields of ethics, ecology and spirituality in Brazil , and well known author of many books. Some of his many challenging writings can be found on his website  -

“Peace and Justice “ on the WCCM website will gives us an opportunity  -a collective way of sharing insights and actions about how to awaken to our oneness .  The realization that no one and no part of the world is “other” than us  is the foundation of every kind of change .

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