Some words about Maria Rosa, from Chile

By Magdalena Pueba, former National Coordinator for Argentina
I first met Maria Rosa Gonzalez (the first, standing, on the left) in 2006 when she visited Buenos Aires for the Spanish version launching of Jesus the Teacher Within. She came full of enthusiasm and after her trip felt ready to plant the seed of Christian Meditation in Concepción, her hometown in southern Chile.
From then on, we became very good friends sharing all the knowledge, dedication, practice and energy she had, within the meditation journey. 
She once told me she came across Christian Meditation after a Dalai Lama conference she attended. He told the audience to meditate, no matter what and advised them to remain in their own mother religion tradition and to keep faithful to it. She was a true seeker and this is what she wanted as she told me when we met for the first time. Together and supporting each other, me in Argentina and she in Chile, we started to work to create groups and gatherings to spread Christian Meditation to all. She was a woman of action, yet it was a contemplative action that flowed from her deep commitment to her personal practice of meditation.
She organized two retreats in Concepción and Santiago to receive Fr Laurence, full of energy and hope. She was a very generous and nurturing human being, always giving a smile and doing small acts of  kindness (as John Main recommended) in times of need, either for her family or with the suffering of others. 
She was a dedicated student, a Reiki Master, a friend to all, always trying to learn and to put it to the service of others. But lastly she was a wonderful mother, and concerned for her children in case she didn't recover from her illness; yet now we know they have a mother looking after them from Heaven.
Thank you from all of your fellow meditators in S America and around the world. Rest in peace my dear friend and teacher.