WCCM Meditation Groups

John Main said that the 'best way to teach others how to pray is to pray with them. In contact with others we awaken to the deeper truth of our being and so learn to travel beyond ourselves. That is why meditating regularly, whether daily or weekly, with the same community, is such a source of sustenance to our pilgrimage'. (Letters from the Heart)

People sometimes ask if it is better to meditate alone or in a group? In fact, they are like the two sides of the same coin. Meditation is solitary in the sense that I can’t meditate for you and you can’t meditate for me. But people can and like to - meditate together. The meditation group is a way into the deeper meaning of meditation, by connecting the personal experience to community-  and by both giving and receiving encouragement. In the Christian theology of meditation the experience of community - sharing in the Body of Christ - is essential. 'Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst' (Mt 18:20).
For these reasons, meditation groups form around the world. They meet in churches, homes, schools, hospitals, universities, prisons and places of work. There are groups for the homeless and online groups for those who can't get to a physical meeting. In any way, the group is a special yet ordinary way both to be introduced to meditation and to sustain your daily practice. Learning to meditate is a process that takes time. Most people start and stop and start again. The group is therefore a centre for friendship and stability in this process.
Each group has its own personality, but all the groups in the WCCM follow a simple structure designed to keep the focus on the experience of meditation and to be as open to the widest range of people:
  1. a teaching on meditation to remind us of the simplicity of the practice
  2. a meditation period of about 30 minutes in silence
  3. a time for sharing or questions
Starting a Christian Meditation Group
The book A Pearl of Great Price describes the purpose of the meditation group and practical advice on how to start one. You can read and download the book in the image below:
Finding a Christian Meditation Group
If you would like to find a group near you can contact your national coordinator from the list on this page
Online Groups
Online groups follow the same format of a usual meditation group: a reading of a teaching on meditation (for example, from the Weekly Teachings), a full meditation period (20-30 minutes), a short reading after meditation and time for sharing.
How can I join an online meditation group?
  1. Find a group you would like to join HERE.  The times are automatically converted into your local time.
  2. Contact the group leader clicking at "Join this group"
  3. He or she will arrange to help you get set up and to introduce you to the process.
  4. Start meeting with your group