The WCCM: Organization

The World Community for Christian Meditation
Registered Charity in England and Walles no: 1182213


The Guiding Board...

is a group of meditators representing and serving the worldwide Community. It gives direction on matters of broad concern within the community. These include major new initiatives but also the simple integrity of the teaching which is the heart of the community's life and mission. The Board oversees the service provided to the national communities by the International Team, Meditatio and the London International Office, new initiatives and outreach. The Director of the Community is a member of the Board, which also oversees succession and continuity in all the main leadership roles in the Community. The Guiding Board thus provides overall direction to the life and mission of the Community. It formulates a medium term strategy that is updated at its annual meetings after consultation with the national communities. Four members of the Board have particular responsibility for the countries in their global region.



The Executive Committee...

is a group appointed by the Guiding Board from among its membership charged with the responsibility of providing the necessary leadership to direct and manage the affairs of the Community in between the meetings of the Board.
  • Laurence Freeman (UK)
  • Pauline Peters (Australia)
  • Ana fonseca (Brazil)
  • Peter Ng (Singapore)
  • Clem Sauvé (Canada)
  • Sean Hagan (US)

The Trustees..

 are established under the Community’s Trust Deed to oversee its legal, financial and administrative affairs as required by the laws of England and Wales and a majority of Trustees will be members of the Guiding Board.
Mathias Beißwenger
Bertrand Bouhour
Adrian Durham
Laurence Freeman
Sean Hagan
Charles Posnett
Jenny Scott
Susan Spence
Jay Stewart - Chair
WCCM Advisory Council
Inge Relph
Peter Ng
Sean Hagan
Kim Nataraja
Mark Schofield
Dennis McAuliffe
Robert James
Cathy Day
Dennis McAuliffe
Fr Joe Pereira
Mark Schofield
Judi and Paul Taylor
The Directors...

form an international team caring for key specialised sectors of our Community's work. 
The Directors:



...are individuals in the Community or society at large who support and endorse the mission of the Community. 

The WCCM Patrons:

1. His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper, Germany 
2. His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Westminster 
3. His Eminence Cardinal John Tong Hon, Hong Kong 
4. His Eminence Cardinal Sean Brady, N. Ireland 
5. The Most Rev. Paul Gallagher, Vatican
6. The Most Rev. Christopher Prowse, Canberra
7. Archbishop Jason Gordon of Port of Spain Trinidad
8. RR. Dom Diego M. Rosa OSB, Congregation of Monte Oliveto
9. Abbot Michelangelo Tiribili, Italy
10. Bishop Kallistos Ware, Oxford
11. The Rt. Rev. & Rt. Hon. Dr. Rowan Williams, Cambridge University
12. Professor Robert Kiely, Harvard University
13. Mary McAleese, Ireland
14. Dr. Balfour Mount, McGill University
15. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala
16. Paul Harris, Canada
17. Mother Mangalam, Malaysia
18. Margaret Rizza, Musician
19. Professor Bernard McGinn, Naomi Shenstone Donnelley, Professor Emeritus, Chicago University
20. Professor John Drew, Chancellor Emeritus, Regent’s University London

The International Office is...

based in London. It serves as a support and information hub for the worldwide community as well as a link between the World Community and other organizations and groups, through a small core team and a wider group of volunteers. It supports the Director's travels and logistics, manages the finances, fundraising and legal matters, supports the Trustees, the Guiding Board, national coordinators and especially young national communities; disseminates information, produces the International Newsletter; assists Medio Media;  oversees the major WCCM retreats, pilgrimages and seminars.
The World Community for Christian Meditation
International Office:
The World Community for Christian Meditation
St Mark’s
Myddelton Square
London EC1R 1XX
+44 (0) 020 7278 2070
UK Office: + 44 (0) 8570 4466